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Café is a not-for-profit society dedicated to assisting parents, schools and the broader community in coming together to support learning. We offer a space to share knowledge, experience and resources for building strong learning communities.

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our work

Café provides support and resources for parent leaders, teachers and community educators to find avenues to engage the strengths and assets of parents and the extended community and maximize learning opportunities.

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our vision

Café is guided by a vision of “highly engaged communities maximizing their educational capacity”. An asset-based, “glass-half full” orientation focuses on capitalizing on all strengths and unlimited possibilities to support learning.

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our community

Café is a volunteer-driven community of educators inspired by the wealth of strengths and assets inherent in all communities that can support learning. Please share your talents and experience and join our community!

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Latest News & Events

Thank you for joining our Cafe Community at the 2014 AGM and/or supporting our activities over the last year. We invite you to join us in Cafe conversation to explore our work and learnings over the past year. We look forward to connecting with you then. Where:  Sarah Scout Hall, 609 Rideau Road SW, Calgary When:  Wednesday, November […]



Latest Article

Building Mutually-Beneficial Relationships Between Schools and Communities: The Role of a Connector (Chrzanowski, Rans, Thompson, of the ABCD Institute) documents strategies and methods used to build successful relationships. 


café for parents

Begin with a conversation! Explore resources for hosting conversation cafés for parents and caregivers that highlight all potential avenues to support learning and development.

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café for schools

Mobilize assets! Engage the diverse strengths, gifts and talents of the extended school community with strategies and resources that help to build strong reading and learning communities.

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café for communities

Build capacity! Support learning and development by adopting an asset-based community-development approach to community education.

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We all have unique strengths and assets. How can you be a part of the Café community?