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our community

Café’s volunteer driven community engages parent and community leaders, teachers and educators with diverse strengths and experience who believe in the powerful potential of families and extended communities to impact healthy development, literacy and learning.

What makes Café unique?  Our combined expertise and experience as:

  • Parents and community leaders
  • Teachers, school, and system-based administrators with urban and rural community perspectives.
  • Adult education and post-secondary educators.
  • International and local education, training and community development educators.
  • International and local community and occupational health practitioners.


We share a wide range of local and international experience and expertise across multiple sectors:

  • Volunteer management
  • Community development and leadership
  • Educational leadership and teacher preparation
  • Literacy and learning
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Inclusive education
  • International program development and management
  • Intercultural and diversity training
  • Science of learning, growth and development


Café’s Governors

Café was founded through the collective efforts of these educators and governing board members:

  • J. Tim Goddard, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D, Founding President
  • Louise A. Partridge, B.Ed., M.Sc, Current President
  • Jill Koch, B.Ed., M.A. Education
  • Paul Wright, B.Com., CA.
  • Lynda Lyster, B.Ed., MA.
  • Christa Mascher, BSc. OT.
  • Alison Mathie, Ph.D., Founding director, advisor

For bio’s of Café governors

Café’s Associates

  • Sarah Eaton, MA, PhD Education
  • Dariel Bateman, BA, MA Community Development, Certificate of Teaching
  • Launa Clarke
  • Kyla Brennan
  • Nancy Richard

For bio’s of Café associates

Café’s Members

Café membership is open to all students, community leaders, parents, teachers and educators who share the Café vision to support broad-based engagement in education. There is no fee for café membership, we simply ask that you contact Café with your membership inquiry and become an active member of our community.  Active participants will be informed of our annual general meeting and other opportunities to come together in person.