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What are your hopes and dreams for our children? 

Parents, educators and caregivers everywhere want the best opportunities for our children to lead healthy, happy lives. Currently, we know that over half the children in Alberta are struggling in at least one area of their development by kindergarten. This healthy development forms the critical foundation for success in literacy and learning.

When families, schools and the broader community truly come together we have the best chance to provide the best possible foundation for children to have healthy, happy lives. In doing so, we can also learn together about building strong and healthy communities.

How can we best support our children?                                                                                

Cafe is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven community of educators excited about the potential that a community approach brings to supporting learning and healthy development. The opportunity lies in finding ways to come together and capitalize on all the strengths and assets inherent in our communities; parents and caregivers, schools, community educators, local associations, and all of our institutions.

How can Cafe Institute help you to support parents, caregivers and educators? 

If you are a parent or community volunteer, teacher, administrator, or community educator, we hope you will find Café’s portal of consolidated research, tools and resources helpful in your efforts to build strong learning communities. Please contact us for more information specific to your efforts. We encourage you to share with us your stories and ideas for engaging community assets in support of learning and become part of the Cafe community.

Message from Louise Partridge – Current President

Message from Tim Goddard – Founding President


Welcome to the Café website!  We are an organization dedicated to helping communities as they seek to initiate educational growth and change.  If you have got this far then you know that Café will not do this work for you or your community.  However, we would be pleased to talk to you about how we might work with you to help you achieve your goals.  Please contact us and together we can support your community to maximize their educational capacity. 

J. Tim Goddard 

Café’s History

The Café Institute was established in 2007 by volunteer educators as an Alberta-based not-for-profit society dedicated to supporting broad-based capacity building to support learning. Since 2008, Café has supported numerous organization in their work to further involve families and communities in support of learning and capitalize on all available assets and resources to meet their goals.

Café’s work began with supporting parents in their role as their child’s first teacher. Our experience has highlighted the importance of using conversation and creating conditions for supportive relationships, the need to validate and build on what is already working, and the incredible opportunity that exists when we pool our diverse strengths and talents. Today, Café continues this work through our Parent Café – Early Years and Literacy and Learning resources and through other community oriented initiatives. Cafe provides and continues to build a platform for sharing additional resources and support in these areas of educational capacity building:

  • Community-based literacy development
  • Community coalition building for early childhood development
  • Area and neighborhood community capacity building
  • Parent and community engagement for educators
  • Curating and sharing of research and emerging practices that brings a community perspective and approach to supporting learning and healthy development.

Café continues to evolve as we learn, discover, connect, strengthen and build on all available assets for education locally, nationally and internationally.