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The Early Years

What We know…

  • The foundation of a child’s brain is built in the first 2000 days of their life, with lifelong impacts on learning, behavior and health!
  • More than half of the children entering kindergarten in Alberta are experiencing difficulty in one or more domain of development.
  • Parents and other caring adults have a key role in supporting all children to reach their potential.
  • The role of a caring parent or caregiver provides a critical buffer for those children living through adverse childhood experiences (ACES). 
  • Childhood outcomes improve when family, school or care, and the broader community work together.
  • Conversation is an effective tool and a catalyst for connecting, learning and inspiring further action.

Now that’s a great reason for a conversation!

How can we respond….

life in your hands

Café has worked collaboratively with First 2000 Days Early Childhood Development Network partners to develop Parent Cafe – The Early Years, a conversation resource for exploring  the role of parents, caregivers and educators in supporting  children to develop a healthy foundation life and learning. This resource is designed to ensure that foundational research of the Core Story of Brain development informs our day-to-day interactions with children. We invite you to explore how together we can make a difference!


Parent Cafe – The Early Years Conversation Resource

Parent Café – The Early Years is a resource for hosting strength-based conversations with parents and caregivers to build awareness and capacity in their critical role. A Parent Café creates a space for the important adults in a child’s life to care, connect and learn together through conversation. Parent Café is an adaptable resource to spark and support strength-based conversations around how we can best support healthy development, literacy and learning.

What does this growing body of knowledge around early childhood development and community and capacity building mean for families on the ground?  When we know more we can do better – pulling together our learning and experience we can help to give our children the best chance in life. Parent Café builds on the core story messages and metaphors by providing a resource and space to help translate this knowledge into everyday interactions with children.

Parent Café is a resource offered to support the important role of parent and community leaders, educators and agencies in bringing parents together through intentional conversation. It is designed to help build awareness of early childhood development, and the impactful adult capacities of parents and caregivers to support children in their journey of healthy development, literacy and learning. Integrated in the conversations is the opportunity to highlight important strategies that support parental resilience, a key contributing factor to healthy outcomes.



Parent Cafe’s user-friendly conversation guides contain a series of thought-provoking questions around themes known to that impact healthy development, along with accompanying resources to support further learning and action. The conversations can be dedicated events or integrated into other activities or programs where caring adults come together.


Hosting a Parent Café

Would you like to make a difference in supporting families and caregivers in the community? Are you a parent leader, family support worker, teacher or community educator with an interest in bringing parents together for conversations around supporting learning and healthy development? Are you already doing this work and looking for additional resources?  We look forward to hearing from you at: