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Resources for Teachers

Woman and children at community garden

We Day 365 App for Youth under 13

Free the Children has launched a smart phone app that now allows younger children to be a part of the We Day movement . We Day 365 allows users to track their volunteer hours as well as fundraise for 85,000 charities across the country. Parents receive updates and it is designed to be secure for youth. For every user who signs up to use the app, Free the Children will immunize one child overseas. New users have the chance to win $10,000 for the charity of their choice before Dec. 31. We Day offers quality resources and lesson plans for youth, families and teachers to support youth engagement in their local and global community.

Imagineaction – Connect to support social action projects

Imagineaction is a K – 12 teacher platform that offers opportunities for school-community social action projects tied to the Imaginaction themes. This resource is designed to facilitate the teacher’s ability to connect with the necessary expertise to support school-community projects.

Individual Strengths

Fox, J. (2009) Understanding your child’s strengths: A guide for Parents and Teachers    ISBN9780143115175

The Gallup Organization – Clifton Youth Strengths Explorer                                                                      Downloadable guides full of activities and ideas to help youth focus on what is best about them, including a Parent Manual, Youth Workbook and Educator/Leader Activity Book.

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