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Assets for Education

Attention to community development processes can help to highlight endless possibilities in the making… A focus on capacity building is increasingly relevant as we recognize the importance for communities to become fully engaged in education.

Strategies and tools related to these key elements of community building offer support and inspiration for schools to mobilize and engage the wider community around any issue or school-wide goal:

Through Cafe’s Asset-Based Leadership in Education (ABLE) initiative, Cafe offers support for pre-service and current teachers, parent leaders and school administrators to be purposeful in their community building through a capacity and community-building lens. Cafe introduces tools and strategies known to be helpful in mobilizing and building strong communities and supporting emerging leaders. See this ABLE introduction presentation for more information…

What elements of community development do you currently incorporate in your school community? What elements could you build on or further incorporate?  Please contact Cafe for further support of resources, mentoring or professional development learning opportunities for engaging parents and the wider community in learning.