Cafe and Community Learning

A capacity building approach for community education

Healthy communities are vital for supporting child development and learning.  Great things can happen at the individual and the community level when people come together and mobilize to support learning. Cafe supports the learning about how to mobilize effectively in support of literacy, early childhood or other key issues that impact children.

Community education, whether focused on enriched learning, improved literacy, early childhood development, support for new immigrants, or life-long learning opportunities, presents an opportunity to build individual capacity which in turn can inspire collective action. Learning environments are a wonderful opportunity for people to connect, to pool their collective strengths, talents and experiences and find ways to take action. Communities that learn together grow together!

Café collaborates with Calgary’s Community Development Learning Initiative (CDLI) partner organizations and community to share resources that support healthy communities which in turn is the foundation for strong learning communities.


Community education is grounded in emerging research that integrates elements of educational leadership, capacity building and community development.

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Community Learning

Healthy communities are vital for supporting healthy children. Cafe offers community development training and support for groups wishing to mobilize around improving literacy, early childhood development and other issues that impact children.

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Collective Action

Cafe is dedicated to learning together about how to best mobilize as a community in support of the many issues that affect children and families.

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Resources and Tools

Café provides a space for community educators to share quality resources that supports capacity-building approach to learning.

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