Cafe for Communities


Café’s work with communities is grounded in research that increasingly integrates elements of educational leadership, capacity building and community development. The process of supporting individual and community capacity-building is informed by emerging research and documentation of changing practice.

With a mandate for supporting communities to build their own capacity for participating in and supporting education, Café works to integrate the lessons learned from asset-based community development. A strength-based, capacity building approach highlights and engages all available strengths and assets within a community. The power of conversation as a catalyst for community change and individual learning is well documented and reflected in the literature around appreciative inquiry and World Cafe.

The following organizations offer a consolidation of quality research and resources in the key areas that contribute to building strong, supportive communities and therefore healthy environments for children. Cafe recommends following these organizations on Twitter to access the most current and emerging research. Cafe offers a consolidation of some foundational articles informing our work in our Resource Library .

Asset-based community development

The Power of Conversation

Communities and literacy and learning

Communities and early childhood development