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Evaluating efforts

How do we know if we are making progress?

Monitoring and evaluation of community development efforts can be complex and long-term. However, these simple questions can provide ongoing feedback that can inform future efforts and be a place to start.

  • What is the most significant change?
  • What have you done differently since…?
  • How do you share and celebrate successes?

A Guide to Evaluating Asset-Based Community Development: Lessons, Challenges, and Opportunities by Tom Dewar (1997), Aspen Institute, ABCD Institute publication.

This guide is written primarily for community-building practitioners from the point of view of an experienced evaluator, but it should also be useful for funders and others who would like to be helpful to community builders. It provides guidance about how evaluation strategies can actually improve the work of community builders, identifies and clarifies the most important issues and dilemmas in evaluating community-building projects, and suggests 10 important principles for those wishing to implement evaluation strategies which are appropriate for this work.

more on evaluation coming soon!