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Supporting Community Development Learning

Cafe is working together through Calgary’s Community Development Learning Initiaitive (CDLI)  and its partners to explore the learning aspect of our work in community, and to support organizations who are wanting to be purposeful about making a difference in their own communities or sectors through a strength-based, capacity building approach.

Cafe is currently contributing to a number of action teams through CDLI initiatives to explore the development of a shared community development curriculum, to offer cross-sector and cross-neighbourhood learning opportunities through the planning of regular meet-ups and to explore the area of evaluation for learning to inform and further future community development. Cafe incorporates the principles and elements of the asset-based community development approach in all of our resources.

A community development lens offers a framework and tools or strategies to support efforts to engage the extended community in any issue of shared interest such as:

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Please contact Cafe to explore how we can be of support for your community building and learning initiative.

CDLI Calgary

The Community Development Learning Initiative Calgary was initiated with the support of the Community and Neighbourhood Services, the City of Calgary, the United Way of Calgary and Area, and the Calgary Foundation along with a group of partner organizations dedicated to supporting community development learning and practice with residents and practitioners in Calgary. The CDLI is focused on building capacity, partnerships and a collective voice for citizen-led development and open to all individuals and groups interested in community development learning.

image001Cafe is currently serving as CDLI’s (2014-15) project lead organization, working in collaboration with a number of partner organizations to champion this initiative. CDLI supports a number of projects that are exploring what is currently working in order to support CD learning in Calgary. Please visit our website to learn more and join us at the CDLI monthly Meet-Ups to explore common themes and build connections to help make a difference in the Calgary community.