Kindergarten parents at Capitol Hill School hosting a Parent Cafe conversation addressed the uncertainty of a parents role in a new school community. This conversation resulted in a parent-driven initiative to host a “yahoo – boohoo” event and provide a support system for new parents entering the school community. The series of six Parent Cafe’s hosted by a group of engaged kindergarten parents took place with the support of the school and the kindergarten teacher who kindly provided child care for the students and the younger siblings giving the parents the chance to talk. Taking the opportunity to build community, the parents organized a family pot-luck dinner prior to each conversation. There were connections made and meaningful dialogue around a number of topics – parents that did attend were highly engaged. One of the conversations ended up focusing on parents’ shared feelings about the uncertainty of new kindergarten parents related to feeling connected and their potential role in the school community. This group of  parents decided to come together for the following September and formed an informal support system by welcoming new kindergarten parents;  at a “yahoo – boohoo” event on the first day of school. This provided an opportunity for parents to connect, offer support and answer questions for new parents on the first day of kindergarten, establishing a welcoming culture among the parent community.